U.T.S.U Clubs Day

日期/DATE: 星期五,九月4日 Friday, September 4, 2009
时间/TIME: 12:00-4:00p.m
地点/LOCATION: Hart House Circle


经过了一个月的休息,MCCF终於又要回来了!我们在接下来的几个礼拜,又会再次有活动。 第一次的活动,是在 9/4 的 Club’s Day。欢迎任何热心愿意来帮忙的弟兄姊妹,或著只是存脆想要drop by 看看些熟面孔的,都过来参与我们。如果你从来没有来过MCCF,我们也很欢迎你那天过来! 希望各位都能好好享受神赐予我们的阳光明媚的每一天,有好的心情,一起积极的生活。希望下个礼拜依然能够看到你, MCCF期待您的到来!

Hi Everyone!

MCCF is finally back! For this coming week, we will be having Club’s Day at Hart House Circle. Whether you want to come drop by to say hi or would like to help out, we welcome you! If you haven’t been to MCCF before, we would love to see you there this Friday. If you have any questions about our fellowship, please do not hesitate to come and meet one of us! We look forward to seeing you there!