MCCF Orientation

日期/DATE: 星期五,九月11日 Friday, September 11, 2009
时间/TIME: 6:00-8:00p.m
地点/LOCATION: BA 2165


大家好! 这个礼拜五,我们第一次的团契就要开始搂。 这是一个可以让我们彼此认识的好机会。 不论你是新朋友,或是老朋友,我们都很欢迎你的来到。这次的活动,会有唱诗歌,玩遊戏,以及分享的时间,之後会一起去吃晚餐。我们特别欢迎一年级的新生来 到我们中间,与我们分享。 更欢迎你把握机会,和我们当中的学长学姊请教任何问题。

我们MCCF 真诚的欢迎每一个人的到来。让我们一起在团契里,享受上帝的爱,以及祂所赐的喜乐。

Hi Everyone,

Hope all of you had a relaxing summer! Come out to our first MCCF event of the year this Friday. This will be a great opportunity for you to get to know the other students on campus, as well as a time for fellowship. This week, we will be having a time of worship, ice breakers, and some sharing. Afterwards, come join us for dinner. We especially welcome Frosh to come and join; this will be a great chance for you to ask the upper years all your questions about university.

Everyone is welcomed! Let us rejoice in the love that God has given to us!