Movie Night


本周MCCF邀请大家在midterm紧张的学习氛围中放松一下心情,一起来观看一部电影:“Facing The Giants”。看看主人公在面对事业,家庭和生活上的曲折困难时,是如何凭着信心靠神来度过一个又一个的挫折的。

Dear brothers and sisters!

This week MCCF will be watching the movie “Facing The Giants”. Lets observe the importance of keeping faith in trials and tough times. Hope to see you guys all !

本周主题:Movie Night — “Facing The Giant”

时间:October 10th, Friday 6:00pm

地点:Multifaith Centre 2nd Fllor KP Avtivity Hall (569 Spadina Ave. Toronto. ON M5S 2J7)

Prayer Meeting (祷告会): 5:00 – 6:00 pm @ KP

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